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Interpal’s Donation Page

If you would like to contribute a specific amount, please choose from the drop down menu to allocate your donation. Otherwise please use the shopping basket to donate a pre-determined amount:

Allocation Intention Amount(GBP)     On behalf of
DescriptionQuantityUnit Price(£) 
Winter Aid...Blanket       15.00
Winter Aid...Child clothes       30.00
Winter Aid...Food parcel       35.00
Winter Aid...Home heater       50.00
Winter Aid...Financial aid       50.00
Winter Aid...fuel for a month       100.00
Support for Syrian Refugees       50.00
Financial Aid (Zakat)       50.00
Aqiqa Gaza       250.00
Aqiqa Lebanon       170.00
Essential Medicine       150.00
Medical Equipment       100.00
Poor patient fund       100.00
Hospital running cost       100.00
Psychosocial Support for children       50.00
Home Water Tank       35.00
Home Water Tank Monthly refills       10.00
Public Water Tank       600.00
Public Water Tank Monthly refills       30.00
Water Coolers       25.00
Water Tanks       100.00
Water Tanker       25000.00
School Kit       25.00
School Uniforms       30.00
University fees       250.00
Ambulance Equipment       20.00
Rebuilding Gaza - Repair a damaged/dilapidated house       3500.00
Shelter for a family       400.00
Blankets for a family       100.00
Community Development - Generators       10000.00
Support Building of a mosque       500.00
Infant incubator       1300.00
Help with administration costs       10.00
Plant a Tree in Gaza       10.00
Infant milk formula       60.00
Support building of a mosque       500.00

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