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Interpal’s Donation Page

If you would like to contribute a specific amount, please choose from the drop down menu to allocate your donation. Otherwise please use the shopping basket to donate a pre-determined amount:

Allocation Intention Amount(GBP)     On behalf of
DescriptionQuantityUnit Price(£) 
Where Most Needed Aid       10.00
Zakat ul Fitr       5.00
Iftar       5.00
Fidya       5.00
Eid Gift For Children       10.00
Water Refill       10.00
Eid Clothes       30.00
Water Aid       40.00
Food Aid       45.00
Financial Aid       50.00
Kaffara       300.00
Children's Fund       50.00
Medical Aid       100.00
Programmes For The Elderly & Special Needs       300.00
Winter Blankets       15.00
Family Water Tank       40.00
Public Water Tank       1000.00
Public Water Tank Refill       20.00
Safe Lighting or Fuel       50.00
Financial Aid or Shelter Support       100.00
Support For The Children’s Fund       50.00
Medical Aid For Needy Patients       100.00
The Beehive Project       25.00
Palestine Trauma Centre       25.00
Ailabon Tower Housing Project       100.00
Outreach Bus Programme       100.00
Solar Panels       100.00
Plant a Tree       10.00
Emergency Financial Aid       50.00
Support a Family for a Year       600.00
Support for Syrian Refugees       50.00
Poor Patient Fund       250.00
Medical Equipment for Hospitals or Clinics       500.00

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